Pegasus Design

Engineering Design Services

We have successfully delivered a wide range of engineering design projects for prominent clients such as GE Medical Systems, KLA-Tencor, Siemens Transportation, Carl Zeiss and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. These clients hired us to design MRI imaging equipment, wafer inspection machines, rail-car sub-systems, opthamology instruments and optical tooling.

If you're spending lots of time trying to find skilled designers, or if your company is restricted by head-count, office space or a fluctuating work load, Pegasus Design can help carry the load. Our goal is to develop a long-term business relationship by delivering top-quality design projects done to the highest professional standards.

If it's opto-mechanical design services you're looking for, we have worked with optical components that range from small and lightweight, to heavy and massive. These range from inexpensive off-the-shelf glass optics, to state-of-the-art berylium satellite mirrors. We've worked with off-axis paraboloid as well as ellipsoidal mirrors. We have designed mirror-positioning systems that are CG-mounted, temperature compensating, and can deliver angular resolutions down to .01 micro-radian.

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