Pegasus Design

You've probably arrived at this page looking for answers to a few questions:

Can this company provide us with what we need?

We provide engineering design+build services to a wide range of industries which include National Laboratories, the pharmaceutical instrument industry, Semiconductor capital equipment manufacturers, Medical device manufacturers, and Laser and optical R & D.

If, by browsing our website, you see something that looks to be of similar complexity to what it is you want us to do, then there's a good chance we can do it successfully for you. We've worked on projects such as

  • Opto-mechanical systems
  • Robotic systems
  • Vacuum sytems
  • Cryogenic systems
  • Electro-mechanical packages
  • Structural steel space-frames
  • Engineering models
  • Technical animation
Can they protect our intellectual property?

Most of the work we do is proprietary. It’s rare when we can show prospective customers some examples of work. We have some customers that want to remain anonymous. It would be nice to elaborate on some of the work we've done on robotic pharmaceutical drug discovery instruments, or energy storage flywheels, or photonic switches, but they will continue to remain under wraps.

Having said all that, there are a few things we've done for the National Laboratories and customers in Europe that we are allowed to show. For example, on the cover of the January 2007 issue of Science & Technology Review, you can see a five-axis optical mount we designed for the Titan Laser at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Additionally, a quick search on YouTube under CXI Detector shows the system we designed for Stanford University. Most of our efforts, however, never see the light of day…

What will it cost?

We’ve done business with some customers for over 15-years and, having met their expectations time and time again, engage our services on a time-and-material basis using a Statement of Work. We have a timecard tracking system in place that meets their audit requirements. This is the most cost-effective way to develop a conceptual design, and take it to a completely fabricated system.

We can also work to a fixed-price contract, but deviations from the Statement of Work usually require contract modifications. This can sometimes get in the way of the rapid pace of development.

With a brand-new office building and tightly integrated design group, ours is a lean organization, but we choose not to compete on price with the part-time freelancer working from a spare bedroom. Our large corporate clients want to do business with a company that can meet their needs, yet still remain solvent during the lean times. In business since 1994, we have ridden the boom-and-bust cycles of Silicon Valley many times, and each time came out stronger.